From my RDB vs Wagyu series, my favourite steaks atm!  It needs cooking a little bit different to most steaks but it’s worth it for that depth of beef flavour.  Dairy Cows are much older beef.  The majority of steaks you usually eat are 15 or so months old but these RDB rib eyes can be up to 9 years old.  Which means great flavour, because their muscles have benefited from slow growth to maturity.  They are organic, which means no nasty chemicals or pesticides and they have been grass fed which means they have had a natural diet. 

When you cook them use a superhot pan, brown them quickly on both sides and then drop them into a medium hot oven on a tray and cook till medium rare.  Don’t cook them rare or well done.

Serving: 225G

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We tried Royal Mail out, but the GB postie couldn’t handle the deliveries and a lot of your packages went missing.  So, I’m using DPD to deliver this time and I’ve got state of the art recyclable lamb’s wool insulation, re-useable ice packs and recyclable cardboard boxes.  I’ve tried to keep packaging to a minimum and not use plastic where ever possible.  It’s a bit more expensive but better to do a proper job ah.


  • We deliver all around mainland Britain but not the Highlands, Islands and outside of the UK.

  • We will deliver to you on Thursdays, providing you place your order before Wednesday 12pm.

  • We offer FREE UK SHIPPING for orders above £40. For smaller orders we have to charge a £10.5 delivery fee. That’s the only way we can deliver the meat in a fast, reliable and sustainable way.

  • We use 100% recyclable delivery boxes, ice packs and natural sheep’s fleece to keep the meat frozen and make sure it’s fresh when it gets to you.